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Guide to Buying Wallets Online

Wallets are the one accessory which truly combines function with fashion. Because wallets serve such an important purpose, we usually tend to put the functional aspect of them ahead of their style. However, you would be remiss to forget about the statement that your wallet’s style says about you. The moment you pull out that wallet, you instantly can transmit that you are organized, sophisticated and in control – or that you are sloppy and can’t even find your credit cards from your cash! We have compiled a brief guide to the elements you should consider when buying a wallet online.

How much should you spend for a wallet?
With some accessories, it doesn’t make sense to spend a large amount of money – especially if you are on a tight budget. With wallets though, it is usually worth it to invest a bit more for the one item. The reason is because you will use your wallet every single day. A high quality wallet will last for years. A luxury wallet is an easy way to give yourself style without having to worry about additional accessories. It is possible to find cheap wallets starting at just about 20 pounds. But do keep in mind that these cheap wallets will wear out faster so you will need to shop for another quicker – meaning that you aren’t really saving money. The more you are willing to spend for a luxury wallet, the more choices you will have.

The Right Material for Wallets

When it comes to wallets, no material is better than leather. Leather wallets are incredibly durable and can last for years, even though the constant flipping open and beatings that they take. Another benefit of leather wallets for men is that they will form to the contour of your pants pocket so they are very comfortable to carry. Aside from the practical aspects of leather for wallets, they are also the classiest material. When you take out a leather wallet to make a purchase, you instantly convey the message that you are a person of style. If you are opposed to leather, there are some faux leather wallets which are almost as durable and still have that classy sophistication associated with leather.

Wallet Size

Along with material, size is the most important factor you should be considering when you buy a wallet. Women have more size options when it comes to buying wallets because they typically carry their wallets in purses. Recently, longer, rectangular wallets for men have become trendy. This trend is quickly dying though simply because these wallets are not practical to carry in your pocket.

Before men get drawn in by leather wallets which boast hundreds of flaps and pockets, they should remember that it is never attractive to have a wallet bulging out of their back pocket. To figure out how big of a wallet you need, look at the contents of your current wallet. Do you really need to carry around all of this stuff? If not, then choose a sleek, more streamlined wallet which still has room for all your vital things like credit cards, cash, and membership cards. If you do need to carry around all that stuff and may even need more, then you should consider a larger wallet for men.

Expressing Style with Your Wallet

While you may not be able to find a wallet in department stores which matches your personal style, it is very easy to find stylish, unique wallets online. Handmade wallets have been exploding in popularity recently and there has been a boom in leather working. When it comes to handmade wallets, make sure that you aren’t forgetting the functional aspects of a wallet over the style aspects. Make sure it has enough pockets and is large enough for your needs. Also, for handmade leather wallets, be sure to pay careful attention to the stitching. This is how you will be able to tell whether the wallet is durable and well-made or not.

If you want a more classic look but still want a unique, stylish wallet, look for the sleek leather wallets which have embellishments like gold clasps or get a personalized wallet with your initials embossed.